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HSG250 Vertical Sphere Gaps
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HSG250 Vertical Sphere Gaps

Mode: HSG250
Sphere Diameter :250mm
Ratings for AC peak,DC and impulse voltage L.I. 1.2/50us measurementd spacing of 0.5xD:275 kV
Max.voltage L.I 1.2/50us for chopping on the tail Spacing of 0.5xD:275kV    
Base frame:1.1x0.8m
Weight net approx: 110kg
sphere gap sphere gap
Application: The sphere gaps can be used for Impulse, AC or DC voltage calibration according to the IEC 60052 recommendation. The sphere-gap presents the undeniable advantage of a direct and straightforward voltage measurement, where only the sphere diameter and their distance gives a voltage measurement within ± 3 % accuracy. As both spheres are mounted on columns of insulating material on the horizontal sphere gaps, it’s possible to superimpose impulse, alternating and direct voltages for special tests. For the chopping of lightning impulses, the sphere gap can be equipped with the optional chopping device .
Design: Designed for indoor operation. The measuring spheres are made of highly polished copper with small manufacturing tolerances. In the horizontal design, they are mounted together with the adjusting gear on supporting columns. The adjusting gear consists of a hand-wheel and precision scale for adjustment of the sphere gap (accuracy 0,5 mm). Description: This triggering device is recommended for chopping lightning impulses on the tail. It is available for both the vertical and horizontal sphere gaps. This way the chopping system can be controlled by an electronic triggering device and allows wave-chopping with a maximal dispersion of approx. 0.1 ms. The chopping device requires a power supply of 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz.
The trigger device consists mainly of : a. Impulse Amplifier with an adjustable delay time between 1 µs - 5 µs, in 8 steps (set byjumpers) b.Trigger sphere with a built-in ignition rod (this sphere must be exchanged with one of the measuring spheres for chopping operation).

Principle Diagram: 

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