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TYDZ 3200KVA/10KV/0~10.5KV Cylinder type voltage regulator
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TYDZ 3200KVA/10KV/0~10.5KV Cylinder type voltage regulator

Mode: TYDZ 3200KVA/10KV/0~10.5KV
Main parameters:
Input voltage: AC 10KV                          Capacitance of Voltage Regulator: 3200KVA
Rated output voltage: AC 0~10.5KV, Rated output current: 304.8A
Working frequency: 50Hz                    Cooling: ONAN
Installation place: indoor, with good dust, moisture proof and sealed place
Structure: Single phase
                  Contacting (cylinder type): capacity output can be 10 times in 0.1s
                  Zero closing, voltage rising contact limit and automatic zeroing control
Continuous working at least 4h at rated conditions
No spark when brush contact system
Serve motor is DC motor. Voltage regulating speed is adjustable within specified range.
Noise level is less than 60dB.
Impedance characteristics:
Impedance voltage: UK%(30-50)% rated voltage UK%<12%(UK<3% at 50% rated voltage);(50-100)% rated voltage UK<5%;
Output voltage limit ≤0.5% Output voltage waveform distortion ≤3%
Output voltage and input voltage are same in phase
More than 30% within the voltage range, the output voltage range of the characteristic curve is linear
Output voltage can be adjusted smoothly, stepless, and continuously
Temperature Rising Limit:
      Winding: 65K (Average temperature rising measured by resistance method)
      Top oil: 55K (measured with a thermometer)
      Winding hot spot temperature, the metal structure and the core temperature: 78K (calculated)
      Tank surface and structural surface: 80K (with infrared temperature measuring device)
Efficiency and loss:
(1). At rated voltage and rated frequency (output voltage is the upper limit), converted to 75°C, the power factor is 1h and efficiency ≥97.5%;
(2). Load loss (output voltage and rated frequency upper limit, 75°C) <65kW;
(3). No load loss: <13.5kw
(4). Total loss: <82kw
Short circuit ability: Ability to withstand short circuit voltage of regulator meet frequently DC pollution flash over test requirements. It can withstand continuous rated voltage (six consecutive times as a group; each interval is no more than half an hour) flashover or breakdown test without damage; short-circuit capacity: regulator winding can withstand five times the rated output current, time is short circuit impact within eight cycles.
In the output of the regulator should be fitted with over voltage protection devices;
Tank mechanical strength and sealing performance;
In accordance with column regulator product standards, does not allow seepage, leakage;
Oil protection and oil temperature measuring device:
The oil-immersed regulator should be equipped with breathers and electric contact thermometer;
contact type voltage regulator contact type voltage regulator

contact type voltage regulator contact type voltage regulator

Principle Diagram: 

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